Haddy W. Dardir, GW Staff Writer

Heya folks! Have you've been reading my articles lately?

My name is Haddy Walid Dardir, or just Haddy for brevity. I'm currently a freshman at Westlake High School, and even though I wrote that I like to write about pop culture on the sheet I received during the first newspaper meeting, I hope to write about all sorts of other topics as well.

Despite this being my first year in Newspaper club, I'm starting to get to know the system pretty well. I'm in many other clubs as well, with some examples being Yearbook, Spanish, and Model UN. Ever since I was five years old, video games have been my top hobby. However, I have accumulated a good amount of other hobbies over the years. I've been taking piano lessons every since I was in 3rd grade and started to take violin lessons the summer after 5th grade. I've also grown fond of collecting comic books and graphic novels, and read "The Simpsons", "Spongebob", Marvel/DC comics, and many more. I've also been playing tennis ever since around 2nd grade, and have been flip-flopping between different tennis centers until finally settling on the "North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club", which I like a lot. I also recently just got into computer coding, which I don't have much time for right now but hope to pursue further once I make time for it.

I hope my articles are interesting, fun to read, and educational for everyone.

Thanks for reading!


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Haddy W. Dardir