The Green and White is a student produced open forum newspaper here at Westlake High School. This is our first year of creating digital content after having a newspaper since the 1930s. It’s been a melancholic transition for all of us as we’re sad to see our paper format being replaced by digital. We, like several media outlets, have also succumbed to the digital age taking the place of dying print media. However, looking ahead, we’re excited for what’s to come. We’re no longer pressed by hard deadlines and have more freedom to write about what truly interests us rather than composing something to fill up a page. But some things never change. Our stories still go through a classic peer review done by our editors and all content is student created and edited. As someone who’s had an evolving role in this paper, going from a writer to Editor-in-Chief within a year, watching our evolution as a club has been really surreal. It was hard navigating through both a new design and a senior issue for the first time last year and at certain times it felt like we were in a race against time with deadlines approaching. Perfection is hard to achieve but with such a hard working team, I really believe we came close to it last year, despite having a huge change in leadership within the club. Virtually all our editors were sophomores and this year we’re all still here. It goes to show how dedicated they have been, especially since this year we’re fighting through a huge change in format rather than leadership. Luckily one of our most diligent editors from last year, Megan Stewart, was promoted and I’m already very glad to be sharing all the responsibilities of this club with her. We’ve worked very hard to curate a relevant news site for the Westlake community to enjoy. It’s been a long few months but we’ve had a lot of fun creating this site and we hope you have just as much fun reading it!

-Meghana Tandon, Co-Editor-in-Chief


The Green and White is co-moderated by Mrs. Sullivan ([email protected]) and Mr. Friedrich ([email protected]).

If you’d like to act as a contributor to The Green and White, email article submissions to the following email:

[email protected]

Feel free to write about anything you’re passionate about. Include a title, image, and category for the article as well.

If you’d like to be a full-time writer, you can learn about our meetings and more by joining the remind @thegreenan.

We meet almost every Monday at 3:00 pm in the student activity room by the computer lab and the History wing.


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