Varsity Basketball: Off to a Good Start


Leah Schmidt

The Westlake men’s Varsity Basketball team brought home a victory this Friday, December 1st, against the Rocky River Pirates by a score of 47- 44. This was the Demons’ first game of the season. Lots of Westlake students attended and cheered for their fellow classmates in the student section. Although this was their first game, it sets a starting point for the rest of the season and inspires the players to keep on  winning. To learn more about the team’s goals for the season, I interviewed a senior in Varsity Basketball, Billy Blood, for more details.


Green and White: “From this victory, where do you see your teammates’ success going this year?”


Billy Blood: “You can’t tell much from just one win, but from our work in the offseason and preseason, we’ve developed very good team chemistry and work ethic so translating that into the season we will definitely be successful.”


GW: “What is the team’s biggest goal to accomplish this season?”


BB: “The goal of any team is to have a winning season and ultimately win a conference championship. If we play our game and gave confidence in ourselves throughout the year, that goal will definitely be obtainable.”


GW: “What role do you take on with new members joining the varsity team this year?”


BB: “Really with the new guys, it’s all about teaching them and helping them integrate into our style of play so they can be ready to take on that role next year.”


GW: “What are you most excited about for this season?”


BB: “I’m just excited to see how we compete with good teams like Bay and Copley. Those are very talented teams that are highly ranked in this area and I would love to see us beat them.”


Based on Billy’s responses, I think it’s safe to say that I’m very excited to see how the team does throughout the season. The Demons play again, home this Tuesday 12/5/17, against Elyria High School.