Dear Underclassmen, Join These Clubs!


Megan Stewart, Editor-in-Chief

Whether you’re looking to meet new people, have a good time, or buff up your resume, here are some interesting clubs to check out:


  1. Animal Protection Club: Protect the animals of our community by volunteering and fundraising for the APL and PETA. Help animals locally by spreading awareness about animal rights.
  2. Project Support: Help students with disabilities by volunteering at dances, sports events, and any safe environment activities outside of school.
  3. GSA: This is a club for people of the LGBTQ+ community or who support the LGBTQ+  community to show support and spread tolerance. 
  4. Model UN: Participate in mock international affairs, represent entire countries, and debate with others about international politics.
  5. Environmental Club (EcoWarriors): Volunteer at biology and ecology related events, water testing, and beach and stream cleanups. Also, spread the awareness about the environment locally and change recycling and car policies at the school. Lastly, meet a great group of people who care about the environment and the safety of our future.
  6. The Green and White Newspaper: Become a contributor, write about anything you want, and send us your stories. Become a staff writer and continue to write about what you are passionate about, but meet the deadlines. Or, apply for the editor position and make grammatical and style changes to stories.
  7. Hammock Club
  8. Literature Society: This is a book club for any lovers of literature. Read books, meet up with other readers, and talk about the books. 
  9. Asian-American Club: Appreciate Asian culture, eat Asian food, and watch Asian movies like “Kung-Fu Hustle.”
  10. Art and Animation Clubs  
  11. Students For Action: Stand up for students’ rights. Be a part of walkouts and conducting walkouts at the high school.