The Long Story Short

Luke Melikian, Writer

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as it moved north from its origin near the Cayman Islands by Cuba. Over 2 million people are without electricity in central Florida, and as of October 2nd, 101 Floridians have died.


The hurricane has caused more than $50 billion in damages, an expense that could hinder the economic growth of affected communities.


Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has authorized search and rescue operations and other methods of relief for Florida residents.


Leaks have been discovered in the Nord Stream gas pipelines running from Russia to Europe in the Baltic sea. Sabotage has been labeled as the cause of the incident, but it is currently unknown who exactly ruptured the pipeline.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed the United States, while the west has not made any direct accusations.


A swastika-wearing gunman entered a Russian school in Izhevsk, unfortunately resulting in the deaths of 17 people, including 11 children.


This is the first Russian school shooting since April 2022, where a man killed two children and a teacher at a kindergarten in the Ulyanovsk region.


A NASA spacecraft has collided with an asteroid known as Dimorphos. It will take around two months before scientists can confidently say that this impact was enough to shift the path of the asteroid.


This was the government agency’s first attempt at planetary defense.


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