Restaurant Review: Ferris Shawarma


Chicken Shawarma at the park

Ayah Lababede, GW Writer

One of my favorite local restaurants is Ferris Shawarma, which offers a variety of authentic Syrian-style foods. They serve three types of sandwiches: Shish Tawouk (grilled chicken breast cubes that have been marinated in spices), Falafel sandwiches, and, obviously, Shawarma sandwiches (can be either chicken or beef). They also offer a variety of different platters, such as the Kofta Platter or Falafel Platter. A special side of mayo-garlic sauce can be ordered and goes with just about anything, so I highly recommend trying it out.

A Chicken Shawarma Platter                                                                             (photo courtesy of “Abdullah A.” from Google Reviews of Ferris Shawarma)

My favorite thing to eat from Ferris Shawarma is the Chicken Shawarma sandwich. What makes a Shawarma sandwich different from any other sandwich is the way it is cooked: the meat for the sandwich (whether chicken or beef) is cut into thin slices, and then stacked atop one another on a fairly large vertical rotisserie. I always eat my sandwich with the mayo-garlic sauce, and I get Vimto to drink (Vimto can best be described as a fruit soda). Usually, my family orders the sandwiches to-go, and we eat them at a nearby park. If you have never had a Shawarma sandwich, I highly recommend you try it because it is one of my favorite things in the world. The sandwiches are delicious, very filling, and greasy in the best way possible.  

Shawarma in the making

Address: 13507 Lakewood Heights Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44107


Sunday 11AM–10PM

Monday Closed

Tuesday 11AM–10PM

Wednesday 11AM–10PM

Thursday 11AM–10PM

Friday 11AM–10PM

Saturday 11AM–10PM