My Opinion on the 53rd Annual Halftime Show and the Controversy Behind It


Janan Shouman, Editor

So let’s just all admit that the halftime show this year was very disappointing!

The 53rd annual halftime show took place tonight and I was actually pretty excited about it. I was looking forward to hear some of Maroon 5’s and Big Boi’s old songs mixed with a few of Travis Scott’s songs. But I think everyone was mostly looking forward to Spongebob’s “Sweet Victory” performance which, SPOILER ALERT, didn’t happen. Spongebob was on the screen for literally like 15 seconds for the intro of Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,”  I just think they said they were going to have Spongebob to attract more people to watch. Honestly, the only good thing about that performance was Maroon 5 singing one of my favorite songs, “She Will Be Loved” with the lanterns but then that was just awkwardly cut off at the most random part. It just didn’t seem organized at all, it was very choppy and had no flow, and this by far is the worst halftime performance to me. Yeah you could argue that the quality of halftime performances have decreased overtime but at least they were still enjoyable. Nothing about this performance was enjoyable, I actually found myself cringing a lot during it. It honestly was just a hot mess, it’s literally like they chose three completely different artists who’ve never met each other and told them to come up with a stage in under two weeks. And I think that might of what actually happened because of the controversy of this year’s show and the trouble with getting artists to do it.

Some of the controversy surrounding halftime this year was when Rihanna and many other artists turned down the gig because of the Colin Kaepernick situation. Colin Kaepernick was a football player who started the whole kneeling during the national anthem to stop police brutality against black people. And his NFL career shortly came to an end after that situation, but midway into 2018 he made a comeback in a controversial Nike ad talking about his NFL situation. Well many artists turned down the halftime because they didn’t want to be associated with NFL after kneeling during the national anthem was banned in early 2018. So, NFL had a lot of trouble on trying to get artists to perform. I honestly think this whole situation with the kneeling has gone a little overboard and is a bit melodramatic. And I, like the rest of America, am honestly tired of politics getting brought into everything. I hope that we can come up with a solution to this situation and I hope next year’s performance isn’t as bad.