5 Must-see Horror and Thriller Movies!


Janan Shouman, GW Staff Writer


The Omen(R)
WARNING! If you don’t like bloody and gruesome movies, then this definitely isn’t for you! The Omen is a story about a rich guy who adopts a boy after his wife gave birth to a stillborn baby. The boy’s name is Damien. After he is brought into the house, the workers of the house start to die, either from suicide or an accident. The priest of the town warns the guy and his wife about the kid, especially because she just got pregnant and he’s worried about the baby’s health.But he doesn’t listen, which leads to a series of more unfortunate events and they start to believe the kid they brought home is the Antichrist.

Donnie Darko(R)

This isn’t really a horror movie, but it’s still good. The story is about a teenage boy, Donnie, who starts to have weird daydreams of a robotic rabbit that tells him the world is going end in 28 Days, 6 hours, 48 minutes, and 12 seconds or October 31st at midnight. The rabbit, Frank, is actually in his mind and shows what goes through Donnie’s strange, yet marvelous mind. This is actually one of my favorite movie, I know it sounds weird but it’s good, and the ending is very abstract and creative because they don’t tell you what happens.


Rosemary’s baby(R)
This is a classic scary movie, but I never hear anyone talk about it. This story is pretty similar to The Omen, but still extremely different. This story is about a couple who have a hard time getting pregnant and then finally it happens. Once Rosemary gets pregnant she starts to act strange and distant. She also gets very ill. After she gives birth, it is revealed she has given birth to the Antichrist and then everything falls downhill from there.

The Babadook(R)

This is also not really scary, but this ny far one of the most creative Horror movies I’ve seen. This is a story about single mother and her son who find an a children’s book about a monster called the Babadook. The book is filled with threatening messages towards them and foreshadows what will happen later on. This movie has a lot of surprises and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Also the first hour doesn’t really make sense and it kind of is irritating but the last 40 minutes makes up for it, but you’ll feel stupid that you didn’t catch the clues earlier in the movie.

The Cabin In The Woods(R)
The last movie also has a very unique and different take on horror movies. A group of people go to a cabin for vacation, and then they start to see weird things in the woods. They later uncover the dark past of the house and that the house was a cover up of something even worse. The ending is very surprising and you would never in a million years guess it.