To Wonder

Carolyn Bedell, Writer

I picture myself floating.

There’s really no other way to say it.

I think this is the way people feel when they first find their passion.

Or meet their soulmate.

Or do something good with their lives.

I float.


It’s really a balancing act, I guess.

I position my body on my bed so my head dangles onto the floor;

like some lopsided ornament.

Everything is upside down, and I close my eyes, and I float.


It takes exactly three minutes. I’ve timed it.


I can’t imagine what finding my passion must be like.

Or meeting my soulmate (maybe I already have).

Or doing something good with my life.

But- maybe- this is what it feels like. And,

What will be my legacy? What will I be remembered for?

Anything? Everything?


And I tumble onto the heels of my feet.

The balancing act is over.

I am grounded to the earth.

And I can’t imagine anything less.