The 100 In Real Life

Janan Shouman , GW Staff Writer

The 100 is a show on CW that first aired on March of 2014. There is now 4 seasons of the show, and the season 5 is going to air this April.The whole series is on Netflix and I definitely would recommend it to you!

First, let me give you a background story of this show. This show takes place in a post apocalyptic time era, where all of earth is destroyed by nuclear bombs from the government and AI robots. Most of humanity is dead, but several got out in time and moved to live in space on a ship, also known as the Ark. After many years, the leader of ship believes that earth is finally safe to live on and decides to take 100 juveniles down to earth to make sure. This led to an uproar from parents, but they had no choice. And the whole show revolves around the story of these 100 people and their journey. But they all later find out that their not alone, and that they are about to go through something unthinkable.

So, I’m supposed to tell you what would happen if this show was real. But the scary thing is that this show is very realistic and is actually based on American government now. For example, in season 2 you get introduced to a group of people who survived the radioactivity by taking shelter into a bunker called Mount Weather. Fun fact there’s an actual bunker in the US called Mount Weather for government officials, if we were ever attacked by nuclear bombs.

Another event that has happened already is the creation of AI. They show a scientist trying to make an AI robot to rule society. The AI robot ends up setting off the bombs and kills off the human species. But, she comes back later to kill off the remaining species. Although we don’t have any robots taking over, there is a robot that was recently created that has brought fear upon people and it’s name is Sophia. In the show the robot, it’s not really a robot it’s more like an advanced computer software that can talk and you can see it if you eat a chip, is also meant to be a female just like Sophia. And if you aren’t creeped out yet, Sophia has just become a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Robots can now become citizens! And she talks just like A.L.I.E., in a sort of apocalyptic manner. Sophia has talked about the end of the humanity before in a debate with another AI robot. I never thought those words would ever come out my mouth, two robots debating humanity.

The final event that this show has predicted is a nuclear war. Donald Trump and Kim jong un have been going back and forth the last couple of months, threatening each with nuclear bombs. Well in the 100, the whole show is revolves around a post nuclear war earth and civilization. But the only difference is nuclear bombs set off in the show didn’t have to do with politics. And the bombs were set off by a robot.

This show has a lot of little symbols in it that is actually apart of our government and it also predicts what will happen in the future. And if you actually watch the show, which I definitely recommend you do, you’ll see how realistic and scary it is because this could actually happen to us.