Senior Feature with Norah Wilson

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Senior Feature with Norah Wilson

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GW: Who is your favorite musical artist?

NW: I really like Kesha and Post Malone.

GW: What genre of music do you generally listen to?

NW: I listen to a lot of different music, like whatever’s on the radio and 80s music, stuff like that.

GW: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

NW: I’ve been to France twice but I’d probably go back again because I really like it and I’ve been taking French for 6 years and it’s a lot of fun when I go.

GW: What part of France?

NW: The South where it’s warm.

GW: What are your favorite memories from high school?

NW: Uhm, Debonaires- doing that with the marching band and making all of those friends has been amazing and then being part of the French program.

GW: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

NW: When people walk slow in the hallway or like stop in groups.

GW: What is your favorite club?

NW: I think French club because I’ve been in it since freshman year and now I’m co-president and it’s a real honor to have gotten there and it’s lots of fun.

GW: If you could play an Olympic sport, what would it be?

NW: Ice skating.

GW: What is your favorite class/teacher?

NW: APUSH with Mr. Curtis.

GW: Where are you going to college and what do you want to major in?

NW: Johns Hopkins University and I want to major in public health on the pre-med track and minor in French.

GW: What do you look forward to most about college?

NW: Making friends and like being on my own, you know?

GW: Do you have a roommate yet?

There’s this girl I’m talking to, like it’s still early and they haven’t even found out like regular decision people yet, but I’m talking to this girl who’s really nice. There’s this website you use; we were a 100% match.

GW: What’s your favorite food?

NW: Sushi.

GW: What’s your favorite color?

NW: Yellow.

GW: If you could act in a film adaptation of any book, which book and character would you choose?

NW: What books do I like?…I would be in Frankenstein. That’s the book I had to read for English this year.

GW: If you could pick any time period to live in which would you choose and why?

NW: I think I would choose the American Revolution, perhaps, because there was a lot going on there, things were happening. I probably wouldn’t be much help but I can try my best.

GW: What’s your favorite time of year?

NW: Fall.

GW: What are your hobbies?

NW: I like to draw when I have free time and I like to hang out with my friends.

GW: What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

NW: My favorite TV show is Jane the Virgin and my favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.

GW: What’s a piece of advice that you live by?

NW: Always be nice to others and try and see where they’re coming from.

GW: If you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?

NW: On college.

Thank you Norah for the interview. We wish you the best!