Homecoming Weekend: The Highs and the Lows

Homecoming weekend was an intense one to say the least. There were lots of fun activities including the Rose Arch Assembly, parade, football game, and dance. Let’s review them.

Rose Arch  and Homecoming Court Assembly: 5 stars

The Rose Arch and Homecoming Court this year were a diverse group of well-rounded students that really represented the Senior class but we all know that what really makes the assembly fun are the skits. There were some really fun themed skits with Norah in a Harry Potter robe and Patrick as Waldo from the iconic Where’s Waldo books, but how can we forget Kyle’s Geography Bee themed skit where he showed off his medals. Along with that, there was lively singing and dancing. Avi and Kate did a fun Company D dance and John and Kelly had a fierce lip sync battle.

There were also some classic but cute sports skits such as Tommy and Megan’s soccer skit, Matt and Abby’s cross country skit, as well as Steve and Monica’s basketball skit. Lastly, there was a new twist this year with the science skits. Patrick and Peyton did some chemistry and Matt showed up as a dinosaur and almost scared Mary.

With the Jazz band’s wonderful performance and the general buzz of excitement, we easily rank this event a full five stars.

Homecoming Parade: 4 stars

The floats this year featured all sorts of clubs and fall sports. There were tropical fish and flowers, lots of blue for the ocean, and even a volcano. It’s hard to pick a favorite float as there were some really intricate ones this year. The weather initially seemed bleak but luckily it cleared up for a nice and pleasant evening. The marching band led the way and a great crowd showed up to cheer on everyone involved in the Homecoming festivities. We rate this four stars.

Football Game: 3 stars

Although we lost 55 to 21, there was an interesting play by defensive lineman Jordan Taylor towards the end of the game that got the crowd rallying for him. Tommy and Peyton were crowned Homecoming King and Queen respectively and it was a sweet moment seeing the Seniors sway to the Alma Mater. The marching band brought home a brand new show, playing Eleanor Rigby, Turn Your Love Around, and The Hand that Feeds. With the Demonettes and Debonaires rocking their new routines in the feature while the band played loud and proud for everyone to enjoy, the night was still enjoyable and we rank it at three stars.

Homecoming Dance: 3 stars

The decorations at the dance were very well done this year. The student council did a really good job with the Luau theme. Everyone in attendance looked great and danced the night away. There were mixed opinions about the DJ and the songs being played but there was a good mix pop, rap, and slow songs to keep everyone entertained. We give the dance 3 stars.