Battle of the Bands


Janan Shouman, GW Student Writer

YouThe annual battle of the bands was this Friday, February 9th. The battle of the bands is a concert that earns money to help the needy and buy prosthetic legs to those who can’t afford it. They raised about $800 to put towards this organization. There were many amazing student performers last night from the high school. There were a wide variety of songs from movies, some American pop hits, and a few classic favorites like David Bowie, my personal favorite of the night.

After the performances, the audience could vote for their favorites. Which was pretty hard to do because they all were incredible and I personally could never have the courage to sing in front of all those people. But there had to be a winner. In 3rd place was the group 5 Angry Women Plus Anthony. I really liked their performance and the amount of energy they brought. In 2nd place was the group Big Meaty Claws. They were incredible and I really enjoyed their performance. And in 1st place was Danny Scaggs. Although everyone was super talented last night, nothing could beat her voice, she was outstanding. I had a lot of fun last night and I definitely recommend for everyone to go next year. But this event would’ve never taken place without the amazing women behind it. Thank you Rafi Melikian, Lauren Akers, and Mrs. McGinty for the incredible job you did last night. Also, good job to all the performers last night and congratulations to all the winners.