It’s to Die For: Video Game Review

It’s to Die For: Video Game Review

Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the film Friday the 13th owned by Paramount Pictures.

The Good
• In Friday the 13th the game players is are divided into two balanced teams, the seven counselors against the machete wielding psycho himself Jason Vorhees. . Trust me, while going up against Jason Vorhees this is balanced.
• On the counselor side your goal is to escape the clutches of Vorhees by escaping any means necessary with your option of boat, vehicle, The Authorities, or try to survive the time limit in the round. But it’s not so easy as it seems. Each one of these tasks require multiple steps to pull them off which makes the game much more entertaining and tense giving Jason time to hunt down his victims. Especially since each map has the items randomly generated scattered across the maps.
• On Jason’s side it’s your job to hunt down each of the counselors using your special set of skills which consist of Morph, ,Sense ,Shift, stalk, and if you are having trouble as Jason the developer activates Jason’s rage mode Mid match, which enhances all his abilities and allows him to break doors and walls instantly.
• I love how The in game currency is implemented In this game. At the end of the match whether you escaped or was killed by Jason or was doing the hacking and slashing as Jason everyone gets exp and Cp from all the actions they have done. Your Cp can either be spent on additional perks and skills for the counselors or special executions which can be performed by Jason Vorhees. Leveling up unlocks new outfits for counselors and different varations of Jason from is past movies.
• The Game is better player with Friends but even with randoms online your sure to have a good time. Game chat is recommended because the developers made it more realistic. Voice chat is limited to a proximity so it’s best to find a group and stick with them. Be careful though if Jason is nearby he can hear and foil your plans you so keep those mics muted when he’s around.

The Mixed
• When you start the game as a counselor you always gamble with the chance that you could die within the first 5 minutes of the game. If your lucky enough your teammates have called support from Jason’s rival Tommy Jarvis which acts as your second chance at escaping Jason’s clutches.
• There is a way of killing Jason but it’s in a very long multi step process and is very unrealistic to do in a public match. Takes up to much time and it’s easier for Jason to spot you and your group
• Without a doubt it’s much more exiting to play as Jason but with that big of a lobby you mostly
get stuck as playing a counselor, which is still fun for me but not for others

The Bad
• The quick match servers do not work properly and are constantly looking at the loading symbol repeat it’s cycle for about 50 times before you hit he cancel button. To play a match you have to go to a private server and invite a bunch a randoms to join your game or go to the looking for groups tab and hop into a lobby
• Tons of glitches are in this game from characters spazzing out to game cheating glitches
• If no one has a mic the game feels ruined because communication is key without it don’t expect to win often

Overall Friday the 13th the game is a excellent game to play with friends and is a game that is able to create new friendships whether playing as a counselor or playing as Jason. Even with the bugs and the glitches Hands down Friday the 13 the game is one of the best movie driven video games of all time

Rating 8.5/10
Pros- customization is on point with variety , love the idea of proximity chat, love how teamwork comes into play.
Cons – Takes a lot of time to find a match than it should, glitches and bugs in the game