Fashion Focus: Ghazal Adibi

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How would you describe your style?

Ghazal Adibi: Random. Pops of color.

Is it always the same or does it change?
GA: It’s like the same vibe but I do change it sometimes, it depends on my mood.

What do you think your style says about your personality?
GA: That I’m really extroverted. Just kinda like I do what I want.

Who inspires your style?
GA: Umm I would say a lot of celebrities, and I go through Pinterest and Instagram. Also my friends. One of my friends in California, Katherine, she always wore out of the ordinary clothes and really bold stuff. I always thought that was cool

How do you decide what you’re going to wear everyday?
GA: I decide the night before. I grab one piece of clothing and then work the rest around it.

Where do you buy most of your clothes?
GA: I shop online a lot. Also, American Eagle and Francesca’s. I go to thrift stores too.

What’s your favorite clothing brand regardless of how expensive?… Do you have a favorite brand?
GA: Umm no, not really. I get stuff from everywhere. I don’t know, like I do like high end stuff but I don’t really buy it.

What’s your favorite color for clothing?
GA: Yellow! I love yellow.
Me (Nour): I always see you wearing yellow. It looks good on you!
GA: It always makes me so happy.

What’s your favorite type of clothing or accessory?
GA: I like skirts, rompers, and really long dresses.

What are your favorite shoes?
GA: I like heels but I don’t really wear them to school. So if you’re talking about school, I wear my converse a lot.

If you could choose one clothing item out of all the ones you’ve owned which is your favorite and why?
GA: My yellow turtleneck because it makes me feel happy! It’s warm, it’s bright, and you can wear it with shorts in the summer or with pants in the winter.

What would your advice be to someone who wants to develop their own style?
GA: I used to be afraid to wear some stuff because it wasn’t what other people would wear. Planning your outfits the night before really helps. Sometimes I wake up, and I just want to stay in my pajamas but then my clothes are right there so then I have to wear them, it kinda motivates me.