Loot Box Epidemic

Loot Box Epidemic

February 5, 2018

Loot Boxes are a very hot topic at the minute . There’s some controversy over the microtransaction system that requires real money to be spent after a game has been purchased.

However in most cases this is simply not the case. You see there are two ways you can play these games. One, you can put a lot of hours into a game, progressing, becoming better and achieving status and in return being rewarded or you can simply buy your way to the same results. Thing is where is the fun in that? I personally think that some gamers are becoming lazy.

Games like Call of Duty WW2 and Overwatch loot boxes contain only cosmetic items, so if you want to spend your money on those go right ahead. They don’t affect gameplay so it doesn’t make a difference to the person who didn’t buy it. However games Like Star Wars Battlefront 2 encourage users to spend money to have a better combat advantage over players.

There is a progression system of acquiring in-game credit which allows you to buy the Loot Crates. You may pick up weapons or buffs for your characters and ships but there is also the Star Card system which works as a “swappable ability” trait, totally transferable to other characters or ships. You will find these in the aforementioned loot crates. Loot Crates can be purchased with in-game credit or real money and this is where the controversy lies. Buying items with real money to improve your chances in the game is a big issue and is being used in many games lately.

There is very little wrong with the idea of loot boxes themselves but if that system becomes mandatory to play a game in that you will have to purchase them with real money to progress through a game then it’s time for outrage and protests. As long as you can earn in-game items regularly it’s fine. Now don’t get me wrong, I buy loot boxes, but its for games like Overwatch and WW2. All cosmetics only. I would never, and I don’t plan to buy loot boxes that would give me a huge advantage over another player. It’s a horrible money making tactic that needs to end.

The gaming community came together and made EA temporarily remove microtransactions from Battlefront 2. It’s obvious that the player base went to keen on the idea of a pay to win game. The message is clear. Companies need to stop creating games with a pay to win loot box tactic. The majority of gamers don’t want it and it’s not needed. Not now, not tomorrow, and probably never.

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