Learn More About the Sock Drive…and How to Help Out!

December 13, 2017


You may have recently noticed the socks being sold at lunch. Wondering what that’s all about? Keep reading to learn more about the sock drive and how you can help out this holiday season.

GW: Tell us a little about this sock drive. 

Rafi Melikian: So there’s this organization that gets prosthetic legs to people who can’t afford them and the way we raise money is through selling these socks and all the money we make goes to this organization.

GW: Who came up with this idea? Are you doing this through Leadership Challenge?

RM: No, my friend Madysen Lecomte came up with this for her IB project. She found this organization and decided to help out. This is separate from Leadership Challenge but we’re just helping out throughout the lunch periods to sell the socks.

GW: So what is the organization called?

RM: Yeah, I think the campaign is called Learning for Legs and they have a website too (linked below).

GW: How much do the socks cost?

RM: Each pack has three pairs of socks and we’re selling them for twelve dollars a pack.

GW: How long will you be selling them for?

RM: Pretty much every day during lunch periods until break.

GW: Got any closing remarks?

RM: Yeah, it’s a nice thing for the holidays. Especially, like people, they don’t know what to get their brother, sister, friend, or whatever for Christmas and, you know this is good timing because you can just get these socks because they’re pretty cool and there are some fun colors to choose from.

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