Hello reader! Before going on and describing myself, I think I should take a second and clear up any doubts you may have about my name. No, it's not spelled wrong. My name is indeed Meghana, pronounced like Megan with an -uh or -a sound at the end. Yeah, it gets a bit confusing when I'm Meghana and our other Editor-in-Chief is Megan.

Now, newspaper is one of my favorite school activities to be involved in because I not only get the opportunity to help lead an awesome and diverse group of people, but I also get the freedom to write about any topic this world has to offer. This site is our tabula rasa, and we can fill it with stories to form a mosaic that reflects us and our community. I love how we can really grow in our writing by using different tones for different articles and covering news one week while doing an op/ed the next. This whole set-up is really ideal for our capricious minds. This year we transitioned from paper to digital, and it's been pretty successful, I'm really happy with how we've all adapted as a team.

Along with newspaper, I take time to do some more writing mixed with public speaking by being on our Speech and Debate Team. Every Saturday, I wake up bright and early and give a ten minute oration on a topic I choose at the beginning of the year. This year my topic has to do with self-esteem and boy, writing it was tough.

I'm also a self-proclaimed musician. I play viola in chamber orchestra, percussion in symphonic band, and piano outside of school. I've only been playing viola for two years but I'm really getting to improve by being constantly challenged by the music I play both in and outside of orchestra. This year, I was in the pit orchestra for our school musical, The Little Mermaid.

Lastly, I participate in Science Olympiad, because I just love science and math. Sure, it's not fun getting up at 4:30 am on a Saturday when it's absolutely freezing in the winter, but is it worth it? 100% yes. It's a rewarding experience and I get to learn so much beyond the scope of what school can teach because I have to go explore all over the internet; sometimes I need to delve insanely deep into a subject, I'm talking college master's degree level, and sure I may not understand it all, but the learning, exposure, and results are rewarding nonetheless. I am now a junior captain along with my peers and can't wait for another season.

My most favorite classes in high school have so far been Honors English 9 with Mr. Major, AP Calculus AB/BC with Mrs. Sidloski, and AP Biology with Mr. Cuomo. My favorite colors are purple and blue. I haven't found a book or movie that I can call my ultimate favorite so that is TBD. A fun fact about me is that I lived in India for two years.

Outside of school-related things, my hobbies include binging TV shows in the span of a few days, singing really loud in the car, and procrastinating, so much so that I'm writing this preeetty late.

So that concludes my little bio/crash course about me. I hope you're enjoying our website and continue to read the Green and White!


Meghana Tandon, Editor-in-Chief

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