Hello reader! I'm Megan. I started as a staff writer in the 2015 school year. My first year, I primarily wrote about the environment, it's current state, and how to prevent further deterioration. When I was a sophomore, I was the editor of the Op/Ed page. I loved to format my page and review submitted stories when we had hard copies of the paper. Now that we're digital, I miss it, but it's much easier to archive and upload. The benefits outweigh the downsides. I started writing about politics, entertainment, and a variety of different topics sophomore year. I also drew political cartoons about animal rights and the environment, and I hope to get back into that this year. This year I am one of the Editors-in-Chief with Meghana Tandon. I love working alongside Meghana, she is very talented and has helped pull together our time in the digital era a great deal. Check out her entertainment stories; she recommends the best movies/songs. I am so honored this year to work with such a competent staff, keep up the good work, everyone!

Megan Stewart, Editor-in-Chief

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