My name is Janan Shouman. Since this year is my first year at Westlake High School and I’m a shy, socially awkward person, I decided to join the newspaper to show my true, quirky personality that nobody really sees.

My background:

I’m 16 and my birthday is in August. I am half Palestinian and half Puerto Rican, and I know I don’t look like either. I have four other siblings, YES FOUR, and I’m the oldest. I have a younger sister, Danyah, who is a freshman this year. I also have three cats that absolutely despise each other.

Fun facts about me:

My favorite subject in school is science and math, and I would love to have a profession in the future in either biology or forensics. But my ultimate dream is to travel around the world and record the different cultures, traditions and issues. My favorite hobbies are acrobatic dancing, cooking and baking.My favorite actor is Jake Gyllenhaal, I’m still waiting for his Oscar, and my favorite movies from him are “Nightcrawler” and “Prisoners”. I also am obsessed with the Marvel movie franchise, sorry DC! My favorite shows are Prison Break, The 100, Sherlock, Black Mirror, Friends and Criminal Minds. My favorite musicians are Queen, James Bay, Marian Hill, Rihanna, DEAN, Coldplay, Banks, Gorillaz and Ed Sheeran.

What to expect from me in the newspaper:

I will definitely be writing reviews on movies, albums and TV shows, just entertainment in general. I definitely would like to write about trending, current social issues. I also would like to get into the “Dear Reader” section and talk about more personal and sensitive topics. The Final thing I would like to do is, debates and the differing opinions on issues between teachers and students.

I hope you will enjoy what the newspaper has to offer this year!

*If you are interested in the newspaper please drop by at our meetings every Monday at 3:00,  we have many open positions! And if you’re not interested in clubs but are passionate about writing or poetry, you can contact us at [email protected]*

janan shouman, Writer

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