Deborah’s Bio
Hello reader! My name is Deborah Parchem and I am currently a senior at Westlake High School and I write media reviews for the school newspaper and edit features as well. Over the years I have spent working on the Green and White newspaper, I have had an amazing time getting to know not just the other staff members of the organization but all of the students at Westlake High School and their thoughts on current issues and debates too. Writing for the newspaper has been an incredible experience in creativity and getting to explore areas of writing I never really could in classes at school. The hands on experience that writing for the newspaper provides has been invaluable and the skills I have picked up from it, I hope to carry on to the future. Outside of writing for the newspaper I am the current president of Shakespeare Club, as well as a member of other club including Latin Club, National Honor Society, and GSA. I work for the school's Performing Arts Center and it is not unlikely to find me there for several hours even after school has ended, working on crew for a play, concert, and so on. My involvmemt in all of these clubs has given me a memorable and exciting high school experience in leadership and community, and no where is that seen as clearly and definitively as in the newspaper and to any students looking for something more involved and consistent, I highly recommend joining today, it is an experience you will not regret.

Deborah Parchem , Editor

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