Our Bee Garden and Hive


Ayah Lababede, GW Writer

Brief History

The Westlake High School Beekeeping Club was started by Henyah Dardir and Claire Brewer in the 2016-2017 school year. Their main inspiration behind starting this club was to be able to have an effect on spreading a positive image about bees and helping out with conservation efforts. The amount of news coverage on the bees and how without bees we wouldn’t survive was also a reason behind their creation of this club. They purchased a Hive with club money and money donated from Henyah’s father and others in the spring of 2017. The generous donations help run the club.


Recent Events

This fall, the bees produced enough honey for extraction! Bees cap all their honey with wax, and in order to extract the honey these caps must be removed. After removing the caps, club members helped placed the frames in the spinning extractor. The force of the spinning drained the honey out. The honey was then filtered four times. Club members helped with assembling the labels and ribbons on the honey bottles. The bottled honey quickly sold out among club members, students, high school staff, and members of our community. The club also gave some of the honey to donors and people who helped out with the process like First National Bank.