ALS Awareness Campaign


Ayah Lababede, GW Writer

This week the Demonettes are selling red bracelets in honor of ALS awareness. The bracelets are sold at lunch and other events throughout the week for $2 and all of the proceeds will be donated. To find out more about the story behind these efforts, keep reading.

This campaign was started by Natalie Hazapis to honor of her father, Louis Hazapis. Mr. Hazapis was diagnosed with ALS around a year ago and sadly passed away in August. Natalie is a student here at Westlake High School and is one of the Demonette captains. She and other Demonettes are selling the bracelets and are working on getting a sponsorship from Rettig Music to donate the cost of the bracelets. All the money they earn will go to the Northeastern Ohio ALS Chapter. The bracelets will also be sold at the Band Concert on Thursday and at the football game this Friday. Everyone is encouraged to wear red to the football game because it is the color that represents ALS awareness. At the game, the Debonaires plan on having red silks on their flags in support of ALS awareness as well. There will also be a speech given at the football game to honor Natalie’s father and her family.