Fashion Focus: Henyah Dardir

Madina Mahmoud, Editor

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For this fashion focus, I interviewed Henyah Dardir, a junior at WHS, who has a continuously fun and unique fashion sense.

Can you define your style in 3 words?

H.D: Colorful and sophisticated and fun.

Now why would you say sophisticated?

H.D: Well usually I try to dial it down for school because I really don’t want to look like a teacher, but I love wearing blazers and button down tops… like court clothes

Who inspires your style?

H.D: There is this one actress named Yara Shahidi…

M.M: (I interrupt and we fan girl… A LOT)

H.D: But like I pull inspiration from everywhere.

Do you use an app? Do you scroll through Instagram pages or Pinterest to pull inspiration?

H.D: Yes, I follow a ton of fashion bloggers and also Pinterest is like my best friend (SAME) and I read Style Watch when I can get my hand on it. And like Teen Vogue before it got super political.

Would you say your style stays the same or do you think it changes?

H.D: Oh definitely changes. I love reinventing my style.

M.M: What a nice way of putting it.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

H.D: I like Urban a lot. It’s really like wherever there’s not specific place… There’s this place in beachwood called Madewell that I also like a lot. But mostly it’s places where I can find things that are fun to wear.

Who are your favorite designers?

H.D: Okay, I want to say it’s the pre fall winter Valentino collection

M.M: Woah that was really specific.

H.D: It was so good…all the dresses we starry and super celestial. It was MAJOR VIBES

What is your advice for people who want to amp up their style?

H.D: Well for me it’s kinda like I dress up everyday, but it’s not really dressing up for me because people are use to what I wear, but for others they know that if they started dressing up that people would ask why they were dressed up.

Do you think people don’t wear what they want because they fear of having to explain themselves?

H.D: Yeah but like don’t be afraid. Wear things you like even if it’s not something everyone else will like.

Do you want fashion to have anything to do with your future?

H.D: Umm… I don’t know sometimes I think about it. It would be cool to be a textile major but I honestly don’t know.. I don’t think I have the drive to deal with the criticism in the fashion industry.

Why do you think wearing what you want is important?

H.D: It’s super essential for expressing yourself and there is always that debate about school uniforms and a ton of people say for sure school uniforms but it’s like… There’s no way. Kids at our school don’t take advantage that we can wear whatever we want. It affects how you feel and your confidence .

 What age did you develop your style?

H.D: My mom did a fantastic job dressing me when I was little. Like such a good job. I look at pictures and I would wear that now. Then, Justice phase happened. We were all there. (TRUE) But then my self esteem got really bad in like 7th and 8th and I only wore my one track sweatshirt everyday, but then I started dressing better around 9th grade and it really helped me. I wore the track hoodie because in a way I felt like a wasn’t good enough to be fashionable. But I got out of that and just started wearing things I liked and it helped me so much.

M.M: So it changed you?

H.D: Yeah because if I still wore that track hoodie I would be a completely different person.

What’s your favorite time period for fashion?

H.D: The question sent from God…okay I really like 70s fashion with the chunky heels, the earth tones and the colors. The disco pants! I also really likes the 90s with the floral dresses.

Do you think it’s okay to be outside fashion norms?

H.D: With this it’s kinda like fashion is for ever changing and it’s totally organic just like language and culture. It’s whatever makes you happy. My favorite coach purse is from like four season ago.

What’s your strategy for picking out you daily outfits?

H.D: Well I have this Pinterest board called “vibes” and it’s where I pull inspiration. The picture usually has a color scheme and I pick one that I like for the day.

M.M: So the picture itself is not of an actual outfit?

H.D: It’s not an actual outfit, it’s just a picture.

M.M: (Me obsessing over that idea)

H.D: It’s so fun. I get to go through that day feeling like that person in the yellow sunglasses

M.M: Honestly, that’s so smart and cool.

H.D: I used to try in base it off of actual outfits but then I’d be like I don’t look like this girl or those pants wouldn’t look like that on me. It would fuel materialism rather than inspire me to use what I have.

What do you think is the best and worst part about the fashion industry?

H.D: Worst would be the standards that put on how people should look and best would be the inclusion of different tastes which of course is contradicting.

Why do you think fashion is important?

H.D: Ultimately it’s a way to express yourself in everyday life which is something that people can’t really do nowadays especially in a world that working and moving so fast. Even if you don’t have the means, you can still express yourself through clothes because there are a lot of ways you can go about it.

Thanks Henyah for this awesome interview. I enjoyed learning so much from you and about you.


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