Fashion Focus: The Bogarts

Here's an interview with Maisy and Jolie Bogart who are juniors at WHS. This is a welcome to our new page "Lifestyle" where we talk about lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel.

Megan Stewart, Editor-in-Chief

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How would you describe your style?

Maisy: Different. I’d say it changes from day to day.

Jolie: I like to wear jewlery with my outfits.

Maisy: I like to wear jackets.


What does your style say about your personalities?

Jolie: I’m more outgoing. These pants show that. I like to stand out with what I wear.

Maisy: It shows that we’re different. And I can show who I am to other people.

From left to right: Maisy, Jolie


How would you describe each other?

Jolie: Not to be mean, but she [Maisy] dresses more boyish and I dress more girly.

Maisy: I agree.



Maisy: I don’t know, but I guess I am more tomboyish in general. I like sports more than her [Jolie].


Any twin rules: what you can and can’t wear?

Jolie: No, we share everything.


Where do you shop?

Jolie: Mostly American Eagle, J Crew, sometimes Anthropologie.

Maisy: Pretty much all of our clothes are from American Eagle, but other little things are from other places.


Do you have a job? If so, where?

Jolie: Yes, at the Lakewood Country Club.

Maisy: We caddy there during the summer.


Have you always dressed the way you do?

Maisy: No, when we were younger our parents used to make us wear the same thing. I guess I started wearing nice clothes in high school.

Jolie: Yeah, in Burneson I really didn’t wear as much nice clothes.


Did you ever go through any trend that you regret?

Jolie: Yes, feathers in the hair. Not a good thing. I used to wear my hair really weird. I really regret that. I used to have these neon pants. I regret those.

Maisy: I used to wear Tims a lot. Yeah, I regret that.


Do you dress up for fun or only when you have to?

Jolie: For fun.

Maisy: For fun, every day. To school.

Jolie: Yeah to school, and if I’m hanging out with my friends, I’ll get dressed up.


Favorite color?

Jolie: Lavender

Maisy: Blue


Favorite Brand, no matter how expensive?

Jolie: Fenti

Maisy: I like Vince because I like their shoes a lot. I mean, I like American Eagle because that’s basically what I wear all the time… No, actually, I’ll change my favorite brand to Free People.


Favorite piece of clothing?

Jolie: I just got this fur jacket that I really like.

Maisy: My sister got me this black bomber jacket that I wear a lot.

From left to right: Maisy, Jolie


How would you describe your wardrobe?

Jolie: Colorful.

Maisy: Big. Our closet is packed with clothes.


Why do you dress the way you do?

Maisy: I like to look nice everyday. It makes me feel better.

Jolie: Look good. Feel good. Do good.


Favorite pattern?

Maisy: Flowers.

Jolie: Stripes.


Pattern or colorblock?

Both: Pattern.


Urban chic, bohemian, or punk?

Maisy: Bohemian, Free People kind of style.


Favorite Material?

Jolie: Fur.

Maisy: Velvet.


Sneakers or heels?

Both: Sneakers.


Favorite shoes?

Both: Our Adidas sneakers.


How do you like to wear your hair?

Jolie: Curled with a curling iron.

Maisy: My natural hair.


Tips to others?

Maisy: Be you. Wear what you want.



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