2017-2018 Staff

Megan Stewart


Hello reader! I'm Megan. I started as a staff writer in the 2015 school year. My first year, I primarily wrote about the environment, it's current state, and how to prevent further deterioration. When I was a sophomore, I was...

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Ayah Lababede


Hello! My name is Ayah Lababede. This is my first year in the Green and White, as I am a freshman. Yes, Nour Lababede is my older sister, and no, I don't see how people think we look so much like each other. She also *may or may...

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Nour Lababede

News Editor

Hello! My name is Nour Lababede. I am a junior this year at Westlake High School. My position in The Green & White is News Editor. I have been involved in the school newspaper since the beginning of my sophomore year of high school....

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Deborah Parchem


Hello reader! My name is Deborah Parchem and I am currently a senior at Westlake High School and I write media reviews for the school newspaper and edit features as well. Over the years I have spent working on the Green and White...

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Nathan Hsiao

Visual Artist/GW Writer

Hello reader! My name is Nathan Hsiao. This is my first year in the Green and White Newspaper. I am the visual artist for the Green and White website. I am in charge of designing the webpage and fixing any errors on the site....

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Janan Shouman


Hello! My name is Janan Shouman. Since this year is my first year at Westlake High School and I’m a shy, socially awkward person, I decided to join the newspaper to show my true, quirky personality that nobody really sees. My...

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Carolyn Bedell


Hello reader! My name is Carolyn Bedell. I am currently a senior at Westlake High School and I'm over the Creative Writing section of the Green and White. I have been a part of the Green and White for the past two years,...

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Meghana Tandon


Hello reader! Before going on and describing myself, I think I should take a second and clear up any doubts you may have about my name. No, it's not spelled wrong. My name is indeed Meghana, pronounced like Megan with an -uh or...

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Madina Mahmoud

Entertainment Editor

Hey, my name is Madina and I'm a junior at Westlake High School. I joined the Green and White Newspaper at the beginning of my sophmore year because I always loved writing. I especially love writing about things that matter to...

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